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Re: Social Engineering of Rawhide

On 01.03.2006 10:44, Fred New wrote:

On 28. veebruar 2006. a. 20:27, Mike A. Harris wrote:
Technically, it was renamed 2 years ago to "Fedora Development", however since the developmental repository
for Red Hat Linux was named "rawhide" for 8-10 years or
so, the name rawhide has stuck in the minds of many
developers, and users.

One observation I've made though that this is changing
slowly, is that I haven't seen anyone file a bug report
against rawhide in bugzilla for a long time.  People
are pretty much universally using "Fedora devel"
or one of the test versions when they file.

you can not choose "rawhide" as version but "devel"

fedora core
Bugs related to the Core components of the Fedora Product distribution. If reporting against a stable release then choose the release number you are using as the version. The current release is 'fc4'. If reporting against the rawhide (daily development tree) then choose 'devel' as the version.

Hmmm.  I'm wondering if the RAWHIDE resolution in
Bugzilla should also be renamed.

good question :-)
indeed, you can not choose "devel" as resolution but "rawhide"


This resolution should not be used for RHEL bugs.. Otherwise, it means that the problem described has been fixed in the latest development release of our product obtainable from our ftp site.


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