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Re: Kdump warning on startup

Mike Leahy wrote:

Hello list,

Does anyone know anything about a warning message that appears during the FC5T3 startup sequence related to a kdump kernel image not being found. It looks like this:

No kdump kernel image found.                               [WARNING]

I also noticed this warning whenever I booted FC5T2. I tried restarting the kdump service, and I get the same message. Since it is only a warning, and didn't seem to cause any problems, I've ignored it so far. I'm just wondering if this is something that is fixable, or if I should just continue ignoring it. I searched around online, but I haven't found anything specifically related to this warning posted anywhere.

Its ignorable since a crash dump image wouldnt exist by default . A bug report report to disable it by default would be better unless there is a specific reason for this behavior.


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