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Re: FC5, glxgears is there, but not default

David Malcolm wrote:

However, the size is tiny (16k+16k) for gears and info, so for a GUI install I reckon it should be included. It's at least a basic GL test tool which is proof of GL before trying some games / screen savers etc.

I'll file the request if there is any one else who would agree its needed ??

IMHO glxgears is actually something of a poor benchmark, as it's
measuring how fast a certain specific set of operations work, and IIRC

People will use anything as a benchmark, just as they use bogomips, MIPS and hdparm. Generally, they're no more than a general indication of performance, but valuable nonetheless. Better numbers usually mean better performance, good to highlight problems, not enough to choose the ultimate winner.

If bad numbers from glxgears mean poor performance, then it fits the same mould.



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