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Re: Password Changing for Normal User

David Timms wrote:

Uno Engborg wrote:

Christopher A. Williams wrote:

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that there is no menu entry in
GNOME for a user to change their own password in FC5T3? That means they

You find it as a button in the new "About Me" dialog.
("Desktop->Preferences->About Me")

Given that good security is based on having strong passwords that change over time, hiding the capability under About Me is really no go. It's probably to late to change for FC5, but I would suggest at the minimum changing the hint that is shown when the mouse is held over the About Me entry from:
Set your personal information
Set your personal information and user password

And the title to "About me and my account". (or login)

There would then be a slim chance that a user would actually find it! What do others think ?

Seems like useful enhancements to me. Can you file a RFE?


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