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Re: Shutdown option for Normal User

Mike A. Harris wrote:

Scenario:  You are at a computer and decide for whatever reason that you
want or need to shut it down.  Some system admin who manages the machine
however has decided for whatever reason that they do not want people to
be able to shut the machines down, and has put a password on it.

What are your options?  You could go find a sysadmin to resolve the
problem and some people will likely do that.  How many people will
reach behind the machine and yank the power cord instead?

Which is less harmful to the system in question, yanking the power
cord, or hitting CTRL-ALT-DEL or equivalent?

Now, if the machine is not physically touchable, the situation changes

In large companies, or even in the school computer lab it is quite common to use thin clients where the users run their tasks on a physically protected server. So there really is a need to prevent users from taking such systems down.

Uno Engborg

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