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Re: Firewall settings

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:

George Hill wrote:

When you enable a firewall using
system-config-securitylevel and open <Trusted
Services> and/or <Other Ports>, when you disable the
firewall and re-enable it the settings that you
previously specified are lost. I do not believe that
this behavior is desirable: I think it would be better
for the settings to be saved. That way you could turn
off the firewall for testing and turn it back on
without having to respecify the ports that you want
open. Thoughts?

Ignore my earlier mail. I misread what you said. I agree that settings should be retained when disabled. File a bug report.

I agree that the previous values should be kept. It might make more sense for the enabled/disabled settings to be configure / clear firewall configuration. But then provide text indicating current service iptables status, and add an additional button(s) as the enable / disable firewall service button (which could steal code from the system-config-services).

Currently there is no indication in system-config-security that while the firewall is configured it is not actually started ! [ie a place for people to get *networkingly* done over].

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