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Re: Shutdown option for Normal User

Leslie Satenstein wrote:
Here is my concern. With Gnome, and KDE, the normal user (without root privleges) can do a logoff and/or shutdown. I can see logoff being permitted, but should he be able to do a shutdown without being prompted for the root password?

OK, so he can do it. If we take it way, he can still do a shutdown via the on-off button on the unit. Both Core4 and Core5 respond to a microsecond depress on the power supply button to initiate a shutdown. My crawling grandson, with a curious finger did one for me yesterday. I believe that if possible, the power button the the power supply should be timed so that at least a 1 second depress will trigger a normal shutdown, and the prolonged 4 second depress will let the bios do it's dirty thing.


Having had both my UPS and computer shutdown at different times by my kids, I now cover the UPS swich (push button) with very heavy tape. It has to be removed to turn the UPS off.

On my computer, I built a finger guard that makes it impossible to "accidently" push the power or reset buttons. Of course it also makes it hard to do this when you want to which with Linux is rare anyways. I would prefer that the power button be returned to the rear of the computer.

Kids love pushing buttons. At least their fingers are small enough that they cannot do the three finger reboot. :)

Robin Laing

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