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Re: what to bugzilla after last updates?

Mike A. Harris wrote:
Joshua Andrews wrote:
using KDE desktop has become impossible since the last 2 days of updates.

I don't know if it is xorg, the kde window manager or what.

- kernel smp 1996 - radeon 7200

I try to launch 2 instances of vncviewer (or any apps maybe), on different virtual desktops and the whole desktop interface becomes unusable-- windows lose their title bars and quit responding to mouse input.

Also, only root can access drm so many (legacy?--like glxinfo) apps fail.

Does booting with "selinux=0" work around the problem?

No, booting with "selinux=0" does not change anything. By switching to run level 5, I can now access drm as a normal user. I also switched to GNOME with the default theme and so far everything seems pretty stable. I'm going to remove all the kde stuff from ~/ then switch back to KDE and see if the problem returns.

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