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Re: beagle has bad timing......

Justin Conover wrote:
The dog decides to run at very undetermined times afaik, and on my 3 rawhide boxes, it always seems to kick off when I'm doing a lot of work. Which absolutely kills my CPU(s)

Sort of like what updatedb used to do.

I don't see anything in chkconfig --list that would resemble beagle, is there anyway to say "stop" running except kill -9/15 mono, and run it when I want to? I know its run as user so I guess, it wouldn't be a service from /etc/init.d, but some kind of turn off valve would be nice.

As installed, anacron runs any overdue jobs in /etc/cron.daily 65
minutes after startup, and that includes beagle-crawl-system.  If
you don't want that to happen you can change the delay in
/etc/anacrontab, or disable the anacron service entirely and rely
on the normal /etc/crontab scheduling to run the cron.daily jobs.

Bob Nichols         Yes, "NOSPAM" is really part of my email address.

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