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More about Keyboard Selection

Was very frustrated, after trying Canada multilingual, multilingual 2, Canada French, etc. as the keyboard mappings were or are wrong in that the wrong characters were produced.

In desperation, I clicked on the gnome option to set defaults, When I looked at the consequences, the keyboard chosen was Canadian, and it erased the other two that I chose.

The keyboard is working as I was dreaming it should. The Euro symbol included. 

OK, is the title wrong for the keyboard?  Have I been choosing the wrong keyboard mapping because of titles?  Since I have a working keyboard, I am now left without a reason to complain and lots of happiness at having one buglet less in the system.

Hooray for the kboard fix. I don't care if it is called gronk, or canada, or canada french or whatever, it works.

By the way  setxkbmap "ca(fr)" works too now. 

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