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Re: what to bugzilla after last updates?

Joshua Andrews wrote:
Mike A. Harris wrote:
Joshua Andrews wrote:
using KDE desktop has become impossible since the last 2 days of updates.

I don't know if it is xorg, the kde window manager or what.

- kernel smp 1996 - radeon 7200

I try to launch 2 instances of vncviewer (or any apps maybe), on different virtual desktops and the whole desktop interface becomes unusable-- windows lose their title bars and quit responding to mouse input.

Also, only root can access drm so many (legacy?--like glxinfo) apps fail.

Does booting with "selinux=0" work around the problem?

No, booting with "selinux=0" does not change anything. By switching to run level 5, I can now access drm as a normal user. I also switched to GNOME with the default theme and so far everything seems pretty stable. I'm going to remove all the kde stuff from ~/ then switch back to KDE and see if the problem returns.

I had no further luck with KDE--it is totally unstable since the last few days of updates. I have enabled/disabled selinux, I have created a new user with fresh .kde/etc. , I have changed between run level 3 and 5, I have run `chmod 0666 /dev/dri/card0` to ensure that drm is accessible to all, etc... I don't know what else to try or where else to look for the cause of the problem. For some reason the window manager loses connection between application windows and input devices and all virtual desktops are stacked together while sticky components like kicker, (menu, clock and logout/lock applet), still respond somewhat to mouse input.

I am surprised that none other is having problems like this, it is a clean, up to date, install of fc5t3 with only the addition of flash, java, and mp3 plugins.

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