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Re: Cursor tracking in thunderbird/firefox?

Ben Steeves wrote:
On 3/3/06, D Canfield <canfield uindy edu> wrote:
I don't want to be the kind of guy that harps on his "favorite" bugs,
but I'm finding it incredibly difficult to believe that the cursor
tracking that is broken in both the thunderbird editor and the firefox
textarea has not been fixed this close to release.  Is it really not
driving anyone else totally insane, or is it just a handful of us who
are experiencing it?  There is an open bug in bugzilla about the
thunderbird issue, and I would expect the two are related.  I don't know
if the editor is mozilla specific or a gtk thing, but I've not noticed
the issue in any other gtk apps, and the issue doesn't exist on
Windows.  Yet, it still occurs with a fresh download from mozilla.com.
Anyone know what's going on with this?

It might be more helpful if you were to point to the bugzilla entry or
describe the behavior more completely, 'cos I for one am not sure what
"cursor tracking" means.

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Bug 177436. Put a cursor in the middle of a line of text in the middle of a paragraph, and then press the up or down arrow. The cursor will jump to the beginning or end of the next/previous line, rather than remaining in the middle of the line of text like every other application on the system does. This only happens on mozilla apps, but not under windows. Can't currently confirm it on other linuxes.

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