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Re: PCI Express and Fedora?

2006/3/3, Chuck Forsberg WA7KGX N2469R <caf omen com>:
> I tried a text install of fc5t3 both 386 and x86-64 on
> my Asus p5gd1 with Nvidia 6600 PCI Express video.
> Both versions fail the same way.  Operation is normal
> through the disc check dialog.  Then the display
> shifts modes (still alphanumeric) and becomes illegible.
> It looks like a terminfo control character mismatch.
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using a gigabyte pcie board socket 939 with gforce 6200 pcie just fine
here. works out of the box on rawhide x86_64 as well as on fc4 x86_64.

did you update fc4 and then tried again? maybe a chipset issue?

Rudolf Kastl

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