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Re: Default Desktop Behavior

Uno Engborg wrote:
Todd Simi wrote:

I didn't see a reply, so I thought I'd ask again.

Is their a way to change the desktop behavior that open new application
below the one with current focus?  If I'm in evolution and I click a
line in an email, I'd like the firefox window to open on top with focus.


I would have replied, the problem is that I can't really decide whats best. A change like this really needs usability testing with real users to evaluate.

The problem with opening applications on top is that they may catch your
typing, the disadvantage is that it generates an extra click to bring the application
to front.

On the other hand I have never felt that applications open on top
catching input ever have been a big problem, so perhaps it should have been
left unchanged. So I suggest you file a bug report.

One way to avoid the problem would be to use the new deskbar applet to
type in application names instead of using terminal windows.

Uno Engborg
I think I have made up my mind. This opening window behind is really annoying.
At the very least this should be changeable in gconf.

Uno Engborg

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