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Re: Default Desktop Behavior

Uno Engborg wrote:
Uno Engborg wrote:
Todd Simi wrote:

I didn't see a reply, so I thought I'd ask again.

Is their a way to change the desktop behavior that open new application
below the one with current focus?  If I'm in evolution and I click a
line in an email, I'd like the firefox window to open on top with focus.

I would have replied, the problem is that I can't really decide whats best. A change like this really needs usability testing with real users to evaluate.

The problem with opening applications on top is that they may catch your
typing, the disadvantage is that it generates an extra click to bring the application to front.
You might remember that an alt-tab will access the last created window, ie the one that opened up underneath...you don't even have to slow yourself down by needing to move your hand off the keyboard, and mousing around ;) Or the minimize current window Alt-F9 which which leaves the new window on top (harder to get the fingers around).

On the other hand I have never felt that applications open on top
catching input ever have been a big problem, so perhaps it should have been
left unchanged. So I suggest you file a bug report.

One way to avoid the problem would be to use the new deskbar applet to
type in application names instead of using terminal windows.
What is that called ?
Is it part of a basic gnome install ?
I couldn't see it in add to panel ?

I think I have made up my mind. This opening window behind is really annoying.
I guess it depends on things like:
- does your brain work only in a single task at a time way
- is the PC so incredibly quick at showing the actual application window with the required data already in focus (I'm thinking startuo time for openoffice text or firefox, 15 secs/40secs to get past the 'i'm starting' dialog and show the actual contents), while you are still continuing to read the email you clicked the link on.

I get these mails with say twenty links in them. The way I work is quickly skim the email, clicking any interesting ones (takes say ten seconds), delete the email, close email viewer, and then the next thing on screen is the preloaded web page with the content i requested. I don't need to sit here staring an 'i'm starting' dialog or a document / web page that is taking some time to load, when I could have continued and completed what I was doing in the same wait time.

So if you were typing and the app came up over the top you would waste your time until you realized the keystrokes were going to the wrong place...delete...click back to where you really wanted to be...try to remember what you had been writing...retype it again. I've done this so many times that just this short time with a window manager that dosen't do this has been excellent.

At the very least this should be changeable in gconf.
Yeah, we all have different needs/ways of operation, that a pref like this could take into account.


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