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Re: Confirm Keyboard Shortcut Missing for F1 - help

David Timms wrote:
Eric Brunson wrote:
David Timms wrote:
Eric Brunson wrote:
Before I file this in bugzilla, can someone confirm that the "Launch help browser" keyboard shortcut is missing from gnome-keybinding-properties? Both my test3 machines are missing that configuration.
What is the menu|icon title that I can look at this ?
What should the help browser shortcut be ?


In FC4 it is under Desktop -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Desktop, the title is "Launch help browser", it's the first item on the list and the default key binding is F1. I don't have that option on either of my test3 boxes.
OK, got it. Mine says disabled for the first 8 items, then AltF2, AltF1 for Show the panel run application dialog and panel menu, and there is a whole lot of other disabled's as well.
Interesting... on this test3 box it just showed up with the last yum update, it was completely missing before, not just disabled. I'll have to check my laptop downstairs, but I updated it yesterday also.

If a select the Launch help browser line and then type F1, it definitely adds the shortcut, and Backspace disabled the shortcut. While enabled the shortcut works, to show the general gnome help overview.

A guess a lot of people would be used to pressing F1 to get context sensitive help in whatever application they are in. Perhaps the generic keyboard shortcut was overriding other applications use of the F1 (for help - actually I just tried this oocalc, and found it to be true) and so it has been removed ?

Definitely worth tracking down in bugzilla to see if it was on purpose or not. It would be nice to get application specific help, and if the app doesn't use the key, have it passed to the shortcuts system to get gnome help, I guess ?
The reason it came to my attention was that I needed it disabled to run a legacy terminal app that uses F1.

Thanks for the input!


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