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Re: mono-beagled -- major memory leak

Peter Robinson schrieb:

Is anyone else seeing this?  I'm assuming that it is not supposed to
do that.  Any ideas about how to debug this?

Yes I've experienced the same behaviour a couple times. The most recent
this afternoon. It took 5 minutes to have the system respond enough so I
could kill it. It swallowed 300MB of my 512MB RAM and was seriously
thrashing my storage.

Well, I didn't mention high CPU usage as I didn't really notice that.
I also am not really sure exactly what the above means.  I did notice
that something locked up my disk really well accessing it for a short
while.  The I/O wait cycles tied up the entire CPU, so I wasn't able
to do much to find out what program it was, but it seems likely to
have been beagled.
I had load numbers nearing 9 when I finally got the beagle program

I too have just tracked down some nasty problems to beagled malicing my
system.  It was when I was gaming every 30 seconds or so my entire IO
system would stop responding for a second or so.  I also found it was
locking up my system when I was running eclipse and working on the
repository in my home directory.

The most frustrating part was my inability to turn it off.  If I removed
it from gnome-session it always found its way back on login, and then
having a cron job to start it up as well is just wrong.

I have come to terms with accepting mono apps on fedora ( I love tomboy
and f-spot )  but beagle seems to still need some work.

This sounds like it might be the reason for my desktop suddenly and
for no apparent reason locking solid. It wouldn't respond to anything
but then if I had an active unlocked Windows rdesktop session active i
could still work on that so it was weird. The usual but painful
solution I've been using is the lovely Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combo to
kill X.


this should be filled in bugzilla and marked as blocker

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