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Re: Network Manager with madwifi drivers

I use madwifi-ng from CVS. I have to say that when I downgraded to NetworkManager-0.5.1-8 they have always worked, but never for later NM. I have only now had success with later NM versions after removing the patch.

Dan Williams wrote:

On Thu, 2006-03-09 at 06:13 -0800, Brian Anderson wrote:
As documented in bug 180369, NetworkManager stopped connecting my madwifi wireless card after the change from NetworkManager-0.5.1-8 to NetworkManager-0.5.1-10. I use the CVS versions of the madwifi drivers. I use WEP for authorization.

Today I downloaded the SRPM for NetworkManager-0.6.0-2 and removed the special-case-madwifi.patch and built the binary. This version of NM can connect to my madwifi card. The patch is trying to work around a WPA problem in the madwifi drivers. My question is has the fix for WPA broken WEP?

Are you using madwifi drivers, of the madwifi-ng drivers?
wpa_supplicant must be compiled for one or the other, and right now its
compiled for madwifi-ng.  So if you're not using madwifi-ng, NM +
wpa_supplicant won't work for your card.

In general though, madwifi-ng has been _very_ touchy, with every other
revision of the drivers being pretty much useless.  Not sure about the
older madwifi drivers though.


.   __o    Brian "la lumaca"
(*)/ (*)

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