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Re: FC5: How to run an old binary that wants non-NPTL glibc?

John Reiser wrote:
> There is a feature of glibc that allows running an app under a completely
> different glibc.  This feature is used when testing a new glibc.  Invoke
> ld-linux directly and specify "--library-path list:of:directories"  (which
> overrides LD_LIBRARY_PATH for this execve only) before the rest of the
> command line:
>   /path/to/old/glibc/ld-linux.so.2 --library-path /path/to/old/glibc:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH app arg1 ...

> See also this web page which contains more explanation and some helper code
> to run an "indirect runtime loader":
> http://BitWagon.com/rtldi/rtldi.html

Thanks a lot. I did manage to cobble things together, although this is
by far the ugliest contraption I've ever done as an administrator.

The app is a big graphical one, so I had to put in the
/path/to/voodoo/glibc directory libstdc++, libgcc and half of the
various libs that come with X. The app lives in its own bubble of FC3
bits and pieces, but it does work.


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