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Re: Installing on Intel 865 - blank screen

jan terje tønnessen wrote:
When I try to install FC5 test3 from a DVD I get blank
screen just after detecting VGA (Intel Corporation
82865G) and monitor (LCD Hyundai L50S). I have tested
different variants of "linux vga=..." but without

When I install FC4 on the same machine everything is
00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation
82865G Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02)

When I try the FC5 test3 installation on another
machine (with Intel 915) it works fine.

Driver problem in FC5 ?

Rereading your posting, it sounds like you are having a problem with the installer. I will try out the installer from the DVD tomorrow. Meanwhile you might need to run the installer in text mode.

I might be able to capture what is going on through the serial port to hyper-terminal on the computer that I have which uses the 865G.

What happens if you pass Linux resolution=800x600 to the installer?


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