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Re: reboot and reboot after instalaltion fc5 test3 on ext3 fs

LarryT wrote:
Jonathan Berry wrote:
On 3/9/06, Larry tb <guess who freesurf fr> wrote:
Trying to install fc5  on ext3 fs.
Installation was ok, but after i reboot, kernel doesnt work : it reboots
and reboots ....

Then i decided to instal it on LVM, and it is okay.
Is there a way to install it on ext3 ?

(arch : x64)

I have it installed on an ext3 partition.  No LVM.  Works fine. 
x86_64 architecture as well.  Maybe there was something else wrong. 
Can you recreate this behavior?


Hi Jonathan.
Yep : i can try again, but is there some options to install or to not install, after i use druid disk : such as xen, or something like this ?


Well, everything is okay ! I dont know what could be the problem the first time .... Maybe something around a package ...
works fine : i m running yum update now. ext3 for both /boot and /. On a SATA

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