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Re: kernel 2038 x86_64 segfault

On 11.03.2006 22:36, Giuseppe Castagna wrote:

shrek-m gmx de wrote:

On 11.03.2006 14:18, Partha Bagchi wrote:

Giuseppe Castagna wrote:

$ sudo rpm -Uvh kernel-* [...] (yes, I know I should have used -ivh )

you can use what you want
-ivh = install (add) new kernel
-Uvh = update the kernel(s)

Yes, of course you can -Uvh, so as to erase a working kernel

with rpm an kernel you should think at least 3 times what you are doing before you execute rpm -Uvh kernel* ;-)
but it is no problem to boot into rescuemode an install a working kernel.

that cannot be found any longer in rawhide,

but in your yum cache.

# du -sh /var/cache/yum/development/packages/
20K /var/cache/yum/development/packages/

# grep keepcache /etc/yum.conf

and i would swear the default is 1

# man yum.conf
Either ‘1’ or ‘0’. Determines whether or not yum keeps the cache
of headers and packages after succesful installation. Default
is ’1’ (keep files)

this is one reason i prefer do download the kernels via `wget -cr ...` `rpm -ivh kernel*.rpm`
or for yum tokeep=6

and replace it by a kernel you do not know whether it will work and in this way completely screw your workstation.

this is rawhide :-)

I can just more simply throw the computer from window and hope it will work again :-)



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