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Re: shortcut to new shell opened behind the first one ....

n0dalus wrote:
On 3/12/06, Jon Nettleton <jon nettleton gmail com> wrote:
Wouldn't the ideal behavior be, if keyboard events are being captured
then the window is being drawn to the back, else draw it in the
foreground?  This should give us a balance of security and convenience
without having another gconf setting to turn on or off.

I think that might lead to confusion when users are wondering why some
windows open in front, and others open behind. At least when they all
open behind it's consistent.

My two cents,

A solution to that would be to open all windows in front, but not transfer focus to the front window if there still was keyboard activity in the terminal. When the keyboard activity stops, for a second or so, transfer focus automatically to the new window.

Uno Engborg

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