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Re: fc5-test3 and external usb box : works fine :)

Larry tb wrote:
Just for fun : have installed fc5 test3 on external usb box (ide hdd plugged in usb box). Had to add few modules in init (my pc is NOT usb bootable nativly), and using loadlin from dos, it boots very well. (were inspired by http://fungliding.blogspot.com/2005_04_01_fungliding_archive.html, with some changes ...)

Thanks for revealing that the feat is possible. It however would be better if this option was possible and could be performed without having to complete out of the ordinary steps to add needed modules to the initrd image.

I'll give the USB installation a try. Also, there is interest in being able to install FC on external usb drives and a question was asked if this method was possible. I posted a link to your message for their previous question which I thought was no longer possible. (Does not even recognize USB hard drives for me using askmethod or regular install.)


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