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Re: no floppy dir in /media ? bug ????

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
On 3/12/06, David Timms <dtimms bigpond net au> wrote:
Since floppy disk insertion aren't usually detectable, I guess you need
to use a tool like Michal suggested to mount it. But I don't have a
floppy drive on the couple of PC's that I have ;)

Perhaps its best not to comment if you don't have the hardware
configuration to do a functionality comparison.. to avoid
misrepresenting reality and avoid unnecessary confusion as to how
things currently work.
Well, I guess I told a mistruth (you caught me out on that one). I do have a floppy disk drive (finding a floppy disk to test with it that doesn't have a heap of CRC errors is the hard bit)!

For my system with a floppy when running Gnome, the floppy drive shows
up in my Computer window and I can mount it via normal gnome
filemanager or panel interactions.  From a gnome desktop pov this is
absolutely no different from fc4 experience when using gnome desktop
Perhaps Larry was not previously running / comparing the situation to fc4, but to an older or other distribution ?

 It doesn't matter that floppy media insertion can't be
I would still state that it is the exact reason why there is no /media/floppy directory created / showing by default. The question from Larry that I was trying to answer was:
>> There is no /media/floppy.
>> How come this ?

gnome's file manager and gnome's disk mounter applet "see"
the floppy drive because hal "sees" the floppy drive.  When using the
gnome desktop, whether the fstab entry or the mountpoint exists
doesn't matter.. gnome is using the information provided by hal to
tell the desktop user that the devices exist.
Which I agree all works quite nicely, until you need to do scripted tasks at the commandline.

What is different, for all devices not just the floppy, is interaction
with mounting at the cmdline.  I think its pretty clear from past
discussion on the list, when this changed was introduced.. that people
who have grown use to the previous behavior of hal and fstab-sync to
aid in cmdline mounting are going to be confused by the change.
We could help allay any confusion and turn it into knowledge if a worked over response / instructions made it to release notes or fedora wiki ?


Having only been an oh-six newcomer to the test list, I welcome info to correct what I have learned so far in this thread: if we previously did:
# mount /dev/fd0
# cp /home/me/really-important-file /media/floppy
# umount /dev/fd0

is the suggested method now:
# gnome-mount -d /dev/fd0
# cp /home/me/really-important-file /media/floppy
# gnome-umount -d /dev/fd0 ?

gnome-mount is installed from gnome-mount-...rpm, and has a quite a few dependencies like gnome-vfs2 which needs libgnome, libbonobo and so forth. But it is installable / usable even if you aren't using the gnome desktop (for example one of my machines has only twm, and gnome-mount is already installed and working).

If you wanted the (u)mount stuff on a minimal router/firewall install of fedora where you are not willing to install gnome-mount (~80k and its 18MB of requires), then the solution could be:
- create the folder manually (or in the script)
- add an entry to fstab (just to save on typing) (or give the full command in your script - then the script would be portable to another machine)
- rest as previously performed / scripted

> Let's
make sure we don't add additional confusion by giving them factually
deficient information when they ask for an explanation.
> On 3/12/06, Michal Jaegermann <michal harddata com> wrote:
>> Could you point which part was factually deficient?
> in your comments... nothing.
> In david thimms comments the discussion of the fact that the floppy
> media insertion is not detectable by the "authomounter" is inmaterial
> to the problem.
The problem query was:
>> There is no /media/floppy.
>> How come this ?


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