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Re: 60 seconds 'til shutdown...is it a good idea ?

shrek-m gmx de wrote:
On 13.03.2006 12:28, Roger Grosswiler wrote:

i get the choose, when clicking on logout. It then leaves it to me for
restart or shutdown...

thanks roger,

but unfortunately not here, ppc64

# rm -rf .gnome*
1. reboot, startx --> gnome-errors
2. reboot, startx --> stll the old icon and no shutdown or restart :-(
Is there something weird about your ppc64 machine, or are there other ppc64 testers seeing what you see ?
Do you have the option to right-click|add to panel|shut down ?
If so does it work ?

Anyway regarding the 'countdown':
a. Perhaps it would be more correct to state deka-second (or 1/6ths of minute) in the dialog; it couldn't be any more confusing than what is shown in the current ui ;~) b. When the dialog is saying 50, just before it ticks over, the time left to shutdown is actually just over 40 seconds. If we must have a count down that does not count down, at least don't give people the impression they have ten more seconds to cancel or wait than they really have. c. First time I saw it, my immediate thought was that my PC had hung. This is not the impression to be giving normal users ! d. Do not copy ms dodgy practices (eg file copy dialog does a similar thing - and is just as bad / annoying). e. If the idea is to be nice to other users by giving them a warning then it would be good to actually immediately issue whatever it is that causes connected users to be told: "System is going down for power off in 60 seconds". This could be a reason to actually have a 60 second delay. f. Please find that user from bugzilla who got alarmed, take s/he out back and give them a stern talking to ;-) Or even better, see if we can find an analog clock that updates it's second hand in the same manner :-}


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