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Re: no floppy dir in /media ?

On 3/13/06, Larry tb <guess who freesurf fr> wrote:
> Unfortunatly, there is no man-page for the gnome-mount command.

The lack of documentation for cmdline users is very unfortunate and I
think is indicative of how bleedy-edge the ongoing development in the
new approach is.  I think its pretty clear that the developer(s)
working on this approach haven't been thinking in the context of
cmdline users, and there hasn't been an effort to provide on-system
documentation of the cmdline oriented tools.

Without getting into the debate as to short-comings with the overall
design, I will say that the cmdline tools are much less mature than
the corresponding UI functionality in the gnome/kde desktops.

The largest cmdline tool specific problem right now for me is
discoverability of available mountable devices.  According to the
design, when using the desktop the filemanager shows you which devices
are available to mount.  At the cmdline, there is no concise toolized
mechanism to do anything similar. Ideally, I'd want to be able to run
gnome-mount with some argument, say --list, would give you the list of
user mountable devices and some sort of status as to what sort of
device they are. I would imagine lshal output could be parsed, but
it's too cumbersome to reasonably expect cmdline users to do.



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