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Re: no floppy dir in /media ? bug ????

On 3/13/06, Thomas Taylor <linxt comcast net> wrote:
> That's quite possible and since you pointed it out, why don't you correct it
> instead of just naysaying.

Please read up on hal and dbus.

> The facts I stated from my experience are correct.

If you are basing your experience on fc5t2 behavior..as you claim..
and have not been tracking the development tree updates.. your
experience is immaterial to whats currently available.

> The floppy will mount using the file manager or CLI BUT NOT FROM THE ICON.

I just booted into a fresh kde user.. it mounts, though not
correctly... but ti definitely mounts from the icon.

> Right clicking on the floppy icon on the desktop brings down a menu of
> actions.  One of those actions is "mount".  With a floppy in the drive, when
> you click on mount a message is returned that basically says that the device
> can't be mounted because it doesn't exist in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab.

I do not get such a message. I get /media/floppy-# mounted.  In fact I
see exactly the behavior described in

Is this the behavior which are are trying to communicate?


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