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865G seems to strobe and uses the i910 kernel module.

After someone mentioned problems that they were experiencing with an 865G card, I decided to give it a go myself and see if I could install using the Intel 865G video card.

In order to get past the installer abnormalities, I had to pass vga-791 as someone suggested to get a more complete display on a 1280x1024 LCD display. (Otherwise very large and blurred text displayed.) There still was a problem where the whole content of the installer would not display once switched into text mode. I passed resolution=1024x768 and got the full content for the installer but the installer did not fill the entire display. I ended up being halted because of an exception that I encountered and filed a report about on my first attempt. The computer had FC4 on it with a few packages from Extras. I removed the extras packages so I though maybe I'd be able to pass with no packages that were not on core installed. The same exception was encountered.

Anyway, I eventually upgraded using yum until I figured out how to get all of the packages upgraded. Hotplug needed packages that depended on it to be upgraded first. (rpm -e hotplug, then upgrade the packages which depended upon hotplug, update initscripts and let it remove hotplug as well as pull in dependent packages. I ran into trouble when I tried to upgrade Selinux packages while still booted into the FC4 kernel. (Just don't do it, it is very ugly with a lot of text output to the screen.) I also had a bit of problems with xorg-x11 and new xorg-x11 component packages but eventually worked my way through the problems. I then pulled in additional packages with pirut to ensure missed packages for x and other system newer packages of interest were pulled in.

Anyway, after checking integrity of the install. (Found one multiple installation of pango and corrected problem. (Used script Steve posted to detect pango error.) Also SysVinit would never install and would error out when trying to install it. I eventually installed it with options to rpm.

The problem with the strobing was the 3D effect were excellent regarding depth, but there appeared to be visual strobing. The display was set to 1280x1024 and 75 HZ. The fps reported by glxgears was somewhere in the 600 FPS range. I believe that I used to get at least double the framerate before the upgrade was performed. Also glxinfo showed slow or none for the DRI performance. What made me take note that there was something different in performance was the screensavers like the tunnel and the sproingies. They appeared to be right out of a Timothy Leary kool-aid party and were dizzying to glance at and slightly hypnotic. Are there any options that can be entered into the xorg.conf to up the responsiveness or ways to use the i810 kernel module instead for the 865G card to allow a more normalized display?

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