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Re: rawhide report: 20060314 changes

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 04:57 -0500, Daniel Veillard wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 01:18:14AM -0800, Nathanael D. Noblet wrote:
> > On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 03:09 -0500, Build System wrote:
> > > Broken deps for i386
> > > ----------------------------------------------------------
> > > 	ekiga - 1.99.1-2.i386 requires libpt_linux_x86_r.so.1.9.3
> > > 	ekiga - 1.99.1-2.i386 requires libopal_linux_x86_r.so.2.1
> > 
> > I can confirm that the yum update failed to get ekiga because of failed
> > deps above. They'll get fixed later I presume?
>  yes, sorry about that.

Oh no worries, this is just the first time I beta test... usually I
wait, so it was more a rhetorical question. Keeping everything in sync
is likely, as I imagine, a tough job, so thanks for the work.

I didn't see the regressions at the bottom until after I experienced the
problem and so just added my 2 bits.

Nathanael D. Noblet <nathanael gnat ca>
Gnat Solutions

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