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Re: CD-RW problems

Mike Chambers wrote:
Running latest rawhide and I guess using either K3b or XCD-Roast, it
seems if it won't reburn a wrote cd-rw.  What I mean is, if I use
xcdroast for the first time, and burn a brand new cd-rw using an iso
image from rawhide/images/boot.iso.  It creates the CD and all is well.
If I go to create it again, and stick the same CD back in, it won't.

Is this a bug, or I am doing something wrong, like having to erase what
is on the cd first or something before writing the image?
I have found/mentioned this myself.
When the CD is detected it is automounted, icon on desktop/filesystem folder. There is a right-click item to eject, but not unmount.

I needed to: umount /dev/cdrom manually so that it wasn't locked for writing, and also not ejected from the machine. Then k2b worked fine.

I was hoping that this would be cured, but I can repeat it now, with identical results: erase fails, and I get stuck in a loop where I cannot exit the k3b erase dialogs.

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