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Re: may anyone tell me what rawhide is ?

Larry tb wrote:

Found those here : http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/core/development/isos/

what are those isos ?

larry (which is a very new-born listed user :))



   Rawhide is a package repository which contains the latest
   development versions of packages which will eventually be included
   in Fedora. These latest versions are sometimes called "bleeding
   edge" package
   since they often include new and untested technology. You should
   consider the Rawhide repository "unstable," since any Rawhide
   package /might/ be badly broken if the programmers are trying to
   add, change, or test features. If you want to develop programs for
   Fedora, you may want to install a system from Rawhide. If you only
   want to use a stable Fedora system, you should use the standard
   Fedora Core distribution instead."


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