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Re: PC freezing, during surfing on the internet

And now...  this is worst :(
just openning firefox freezes immedialty the pc !

Larry tb wrote:
...and im sure Firefox is in question, 'cause with Mozilla (which have no icon to be run ! --> have to lunch it from shell) i have no problem.
Actually updating firefox to

Larry tb wrote:

Hi Rogers,
Well it seems to be the solution, but after few minutes i was surfing through http://download.fedora.redhat.com/pub/fedora/linux/extras/development/i386/ and using the cursor/pandle on the right (elevator :-/ sorry i dont know the word :-p) to get down the list. And it freezes again :(

it really seems to have somethink with firefox and using the pandle BEFORE all the page is displaied.

Clayton Rogers wrote:

Hi Larry,

Have you tried disabling beagle, the little dog's head in the bottom right hand corner of the web browser.


Larry tb wrote:

Was surfing on the internet using firefox.
And suddenly everything is frozen !
Trying to get control through the network but returned "no route to host" :(

press reset button.

It happens each time i run firefox, after 1-2 minutes surfing. im behind a proxy.

kernel 2.6.15-1.2041_FC5

Absolutly no idea what could be the cause....


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