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Re: selinux / semodule question

Gordon Stewart wrote:

Selinux/ semodule has broken my kernel as now all I am getting now is run out of input data.
What exactly is the problem...?
Looking at the email below I need to run semodule -r.  Can some tell me where this is located.  I am runing my box in rescue mode.
It's located in the policycoreutils rpm [ /usr/sbin/semodule ].
However, I am not sure if you should be using it - semodule is a utility which adds/removes modules from policy. If you don't know where it is located, how do you know that it has broken your system, and how to fix it using semodule?


If what you're trying to do is disable selinux, the way to do that is to pass the selinux=0 [ or was it selinux=off ?] parameter to the kernel at boot time. It's better to pass [enforcing=0] instead, which should fix any selinux issues you're having, continue to label files correctly, and keep logging on, so you can identify the problem [ by looking at /var/log/audit/audit.log ], and possibly report a bug.

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