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Re: PC freezing, during surfing on the internet

Thx gabriel, but as i sent few minutes ago, i also get a problem wuth lynx : file size limitation, when trying to download ios (3go) :(

I note that proxy is not the problem !


Dan Gabriel Ghita wrote:
larry, i'm behind a proxy here too (a very restrictive one too!) and experience no such problems. try going init 3 and run lynx or another textbased browser
On 3/15/06, * Larry tb* <guess who freesurf fr <mailto:guess who freesurf fr>> wrote:

    ... the same seems to happen, when i launched mozilla :(
    Could be a graphical porblem, and maybe something aournd the internet
    I ma asking if proxy could generate such a behaviour.
    'Hope it 'll disappear in the next release !

    shrek-m gmx de <mailto:shrek-m gmx de> wrote:
     > On 15.03.2006 12:12, Larry tb wrote:
     >> And now...  this is worst :(
     >> just openning firefox freezes immedialty the pc !
     > java ?
     > flash ?
     > other plugins ?
     > ...

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