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Re: /etc/inittab went away && wlan has weird device name

Julian C. Dunn (julian dunn devlin ca) said: 
> I just did a yum update, updating to initscripts 8.31.1-1 (among other
> things like a new kernel). When I rebooted, init complained that inittab
> was missing, so I rebooted into rescue mode and found that there was
> an /etc/inittab.rpmsave but no /etc/inittab. Has anyone else had this
> problem?

I cannot reproduce this here. Moreover, I cannot see *how* this could

/etc/inittab is marked %config(noreplace) in both the old and new packages.

In the rpm handling code, this should *never* end up with: old file -> rpmsave,
no new file.

> Also, I'm using a Thinkpad T42 (2378RAU) and the wireless card shows up
> as a weird device after boot:
> dev8569   Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 00:0E:35:FC:39:23
> Does anyone know why?

You have a wired ethernet that is configured to be eth0, and your wireless
module was loaded first, so it was moved out of the way.


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