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Re: PC freezing, during surfing on the internet

Larry tb wrote:
Hi !
Have removed firefox, but it was the same with Mozilla !
Sometimes just when openning, sometimes after fexw minutes ....

Chidananda Jayakeerti wrote:
I have been experiencing the same problem. After about 5-10 minutes of browsing my PC hangs. I'm NOT behind any proxy. I thought it was probably my wireless card .. but it seems quite a few are having the same problem?

I also do not have any plugins or firefox extensions installed.

I'm not sure if this is dur to firefox or some other application?


On 3/15/06, * Larry tb* <guess who freesurf fr <mailto:guess who freesurf fr>> wrote:

    Removing firefox but just when openning mozilla, it's the same : pc
    freezes !
    blaah !

Try removing beagle. I removed beagle and use mozilla from rpm or seamonkey from the binary installer and have no problems with freezing of the browser.

I use locate to find files and have no desire to use beagle. Beagle is probably only good to find documents or some file that can be opened by another application. All of these such files are i my home directory and fairly organized by topic. The files that I do not know what the version or location is are libraries config files and other such files. The system puts these in locations and I most likely need to d something with the file while in a shell.

IMO, beagle should not be release with FC5 and should remain i development until it is more refined.

CLI app > Front-end GUI. not GUI app > CLI interface just yet. Maybe this would work in FC6, not in FC5.


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