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Re: Rescue disk

Ben Steeves wrote:
On 3/13/06, Gordon Stewart <gorste tesco net> wrote:

No I need the rescue disk to fixed the issue.

As I said in my original email, there's a full rescue environment on
CD 1.  Just boot off of that.   From the sounds of it though you might
be just as well served by re-installing.

_I_'d stuff around until I fixed it; then I'd probably know what I did wrong.

I _hate_ problems that get fixed by magic. Only yesterday, on Windows, I discovered that creating a link to run a program using the UNC name

works while
does not work.

c:\software is shared from server as "software" and c:\software\access10 is shared from the server as "access10." It seems to me both should work, and I tried very many things before finding the one that actually does.

Don't you just hate this kind of mystery?



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