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Re: win+key combinations broken (again)

interesting, just did init 3 and init 5 and now winkey works again... this is crazy :))

On 3/16/06, Dan Gabriel Ghita < gabbath gmail com> wrote:
tried in gnome too but it didn't work, the "super" key is detected as a normal key (but i think that's gnome's behaviour as far as i recall, and i have to use gconf to define the combination... at least that was how i used to do it back in fc3)

now in kde, i can't define shortcuts with winkey (except for those already defined, lol) nor use them. when i try to define, the "Win+" appears as i'm holding down the key, but when i press another key, say "E", instead of mapping "Win+E" it maps just "E"... really strange.

gb, i don't see how it could be a kde thing (although i thought so too at first) because i didn't get any updates for kde, instead got a new kernel, a lot of gnome and some other stuff... gonna boot an older kernel and tell you if i still have it.


On 3/15/06, gb spam <gbofspam gmail com> wrote:
On 3/15/06, Dan Gabriel Ghita <gabbath gmail com> wrote:
> hello, i was mapping some keystrokes and noticed that you can't execute
> Win+<key> command. i saw this first in test3, then upgraded and the bug was
> gone. but after updating today, here it is again. i'm using kde, i'm gonna
> check to see if it works in gnome too, but i suspect it might be a kernel
> thing, since i had no kde updates today.
> gabriel

Chalk me up with a me-too.

Personally, I think it may be just kde.  When it happens, I can define
short-cuts with the Win key, so it has no problem detecting that it is
being pressed.  Its only when I try to use the definition that it has

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