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Re: gtk-qt showing up twice in control center

thanks rex, i wasn't aware it was in extras (though i did try a few weeks ago when i installed test3)

On 3/16/06, Rex Dieter < rdieter math unl edu> wrote:
Dan Gabriel Ghita wrote:

> i installed gtk-qt-engine-0.6 from source (from their website) and it's
> supposed to load a new menu in control center, under appearance &
> themes. the menu is called "GTK Styles and Fonts". everything is ok in
> test3, but once i updated to rawhide, it shows 2 items, only differing
> in case: "GTK styles and fonts" and "GTK Styles and Fonts".
> one thing you should know: if you just install it, it'll show up okay.
> it's only after you restart kde that you will notice the bug.

Yep, fortunately, that installation bug is fixed in the gtk-qt-engine
packaging from Fedora Extras:

yum install gtk-qt-engine

-- Rex

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