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SMP mptable bad signature

Hello list,

After updating to the most recent kernel (kernel-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5), I started getting a new error at startup. At the point where I would normally see a whole bunch of stuff like messages from SELinux and udev whiz by, I only get one error message, that says something like "SMP mptable: bad signature (0x0)", followed by "BIOS bug: MP Table errors detected (see hw vendor)". After that, the kernel starts to boot, and the Fedora interface begins loading.

I'm not sure if this error was always there, but until now I have never seen it. It may be that I just never saw it because of all the SELinux/udev messages and such that normally scrolled by before (the older kernel that I have installed is kernel-2.6.15-1.2032_FC5, and it still shows these startup messages). The machine seems to have booted fine, and despite not seeing any SELinux/udev messages at the initial startup, everything seems to be working the same as before. Is there anything I should try in order to fix this SMP error, or can it safely be ignored?


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