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Re: Could tthere be an update iso distribution

On 03/16/2006 Leslie Satenstein wrote:

> With kudzu broken, potential keyboard problems, as well as the 2054 kernel for nvidia, I see no reason to download the first release. 
> Why push broken software unless a new iso in a very short time thereafter(2 weeks) is released.

Kudzu works for the vast majority of users right now.  Bill has been
trying to get specific information out of you and has thus far failed to
get anything helpful for fixing your particular problem.  What
'keyboard' issues?  We've had testers testing our various input methods
and they work just as well if not way better than the current FC4.  As
for the nivida thing, welcome to Fedora.  We manage to break proprietary
drivers out of the gate in just about every release, whether it be our
fault or Vendor's fault, it happens.  We don't support these drivers so
it isn't our major concern to make sure they work.

No software is perfect, and there has to be an acceptable amount of
shipped bugs.  If we waited until the software had no bugs to ship, we'd
never ship.  I'm proud of this release, and proud of all the hardwork
the developers, documenters, testers, etc put in.  Both inside and
especially outside of Red Hat.

Jesse Keating
Release Engineer: Fedora

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