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Re: Could tthere be an update iso distribution

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

On 3/16/06, Jonathan Berry <berryja gmail com> wrote:
That may be true, but when I spend a not insignificant amount of money
on a nice video card, I expect to be able to use all of the

I suggest you re-calibrate that expectation for any hardware which
requires drivers which do not exist in the mainline kernel tree. How
exactly are you in a position to claim nvidia "usually" works? Are the
statistically significant publically available stats about the nvidia
driver install base which you can cite?

Not without involving marketing.

If that advice was followed by Windows users, no one would have a useful video card there either. Windows supports little well "out of the box". You always have to install drivers with the device. No matter what it is.

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