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Re: Could tthere be an update iso distribution

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 11:33:51 -0600
"Jonathan Berry" <berryja gmail com> wrote:

> I really wish that Linux could get past the everything-must-be-GPL
> attitude.  The GPL is great, free, Free software is great, but it
> doesn't work for some companies, especially when hardware and IP are
> concerned.  Think about it, if nVidia open-sourced their driver, don't
> you think they would become *the* hardware of choice for nearly *all*
> of the Linux community?  Just a thought.

There may be situations where going with binary drivers on Linux is 
a lesser evil than the alternatives.   I'm not pretending that the 
current state of open source graphics can handle every situation.
My argument is that we shouldn't encourage people down the binary
driver path unless they truly have a need for it.  I contend that
population is much smaller than the current number of binary driver


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