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Re: Could tthere be an update iso distribution

On Thu, 16 Mar 2006 12:19:56 -0600
Jeff Vian <jvian10 charter net> wrote:

> PLEASE feel free to make a recommendation for a manufacturer that
> provides a video card that is competitive with either ATI or nVidia in
> quality and performance (and with the full 3D capability) and has open
> source drivers????
> I thought so.  You can't because there are none.  Don't make such
> impossible suggestions for those of us who MUST use the video cards
> available to do the graphics they need.
> Those of us who use cards with no open source drivers available have no
> choice.  As Jonathan said, nothing to consider in which card to choose
> nor which driver to use.  Since we do not have the option to select a
> better card that has open source drivers available then we have a right
> to feel that software that breaks the drivers that are available is
> wrong.
> I do not have statistics of the percentages of Linux users who fall into
> that category, but there are a lot and getting to be more all the time.

PLEASE feel free to read what i wrote and respond accordingly instead of
responding to what you imagine i wrote.

> And many do need it.
> Since you are the one asking for statistics, please provide some of your
> own.  Like, what percentage of those who use the nVidia provided driver
> do not need it?

WHERE exactly did i ask for statistics?

> Although I wish that all software were open source, I understand when
> the developer chooses to keep it closed and that does not prevent me
> using what I need.  
> I use open source in every way possible, but am free to pick and choose
> as I see fit.  Your demand that all software you use be open source is
> noble, but should not infringe on our rights to choose our own path.

You're free to do as you choose and my suggestion in no way infringes on
your rights.


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