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Re: Kernel 2054 breaks nvidia.ko loading

This is beyond *bad*.
This effectively kills each and every non-GPL kernel module out there.

Sounds like an awesome feature to me.  Perhaps we should add a new
bugzilla resolution "CLOSED->IS_FEATURE" for things like this.  ;o)
What is the status of this bug:
Furthermore, why doesn't a blocker bug actually "block" anything?

Maybe it's a configuration issue... I don't know.
It doesn't help that no comments have been posted since I attached the required data.

My point is - for me it is definitely *not* a feature that FC5 will be unusable out of the box. Arjan's assurance that it's "just a matter of time before it is broken again" sounds very disturbing to me. Fedora should be aiming to provide the opposite assurance - "things will work most of the time". I fail to see why it's a good thing when 3D drivers have been broken for a large percent of the Linux user base.

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