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Re: Kernel 2054 breaks nvidia.ko loading

On 3/17/06, Mike A. Harris <mharris mharris ca> wrote:
> Chris Chabot wrote:
> > Tell me which card can also power my 24" display and allows play games at
> > 1920x1200 resolution decently under windows, supports Vista, and also has
> > OSS support and I'll put it on my shopping list before you know it!
> I'll try to tell you that sometime in the next 2 weeks if possible.
> Well, minus the "supports Vista" part, as I don't care about Vista, and
> will avoid ever using it for as long as I can (hopefully forever).
> I'm planning on buying 2 24" DFPs very soon, maybe even in a few hours.
> Once they arrive, I expect to get a fairly good idea of which OSS
> drivers support them well.  ;o)

Good luck with that one.  When you find something, please, let me know
too.  I have a pair of DFPs and an old nVidia card, and the nv driver
doesn't support using it in dualhead mode, so I'm forced to either use
the nvidia driver or give one of my DFPs to my wife.  While that would
make my wife happy, it would significantly reduce the use I get out of
my desktop.  I've grown accustomed to dualhead and find it hard to
work without it.

I'm planning on upgrading to an Opteron or X2 dual core system this
summer and if I do that, it seems like my only option will be to buy
two PCI-e video cards (at $150CDN a pop, minimum!) only to use a bare
fraction of their power, if I want to keep my dualhead display and use
the open source driver.  That will most definitely cheese off my wife.
 Maybe I can bribe her with the DFP.

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