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Re: FC5t3 installation issues with Radeon X300SE

Just to remind : i also had many problems with Radeon 7000. i first change "ati" driver to "radeon", but without issue. It freezes my fc5-test3 when opening internet navigators and thunderbird (sic !) after updates i made around march the 12-13. I hade to switch to Gforce 4M video card, and now it is okay !

L. David Baron wrote:
I just installed FC5t3 x86_64 on a brand new desktop machine with a
Radeon X300SE, and ran into two issues that seem more likely related to
that than anything else:

(1) Neither the installer, nor system-config-display once the installer
had finished, were able to configure xorg so that it would start.
However, I was able to do it manually by doing "modprobe radeon" and
then rerunning system-config-display (which in turn writes out an
xorg.conf that causes xorg to modprobe radeon by itself).  This suggests
to me that something along the way (I'm not sure what) should have done
a "modprobe radeon" to bootstrap the whole thing, but didn't.  (And
perhaps does for other cards.)

(2) The text mode installer had serious graphics problems - there were
some garbage characters around the "borders" of things, and things that
were drawn after the screen initially drew were offset one character to
the right relative to where they should have been on the basis of what
was already there; this made things like package selection and
partitioning quite difficult to use.

I could file bugs on both of these if desired, but it would help to know
(a) what component is appropriate and (b) what additional details I
should give.  I don't feel like I have enough knowledge of either whose
fault it could be or what could be related to file a usable bug report.


"Computers are like air conditioners - They stop working properly when you open Windows !"

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