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Re: Removing packages - slimming server

Aryanto Rachmad wrote:

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 wireless-tools          i386       1:28-0.pre13.5.1  installed         231 k
Removing for dependencies:
 NetworkManager          i386       0.6.0-2          installed         1.1 M
 authconfig              i386       5.2.2-1          installed         1.2 M
 authconfig-gtk          i386       5.2.2-1          installed         158 k
 rhpl                    i386       0.185-1          installed         910 k
 system-config-date      noarch     1.8.2-1          installed         2.2 M
 system-config-keyboard  noarch     1.2.7-1.1        installed         168 k
 system-config-keyboard  noarch     1.2.6-2          installed         134 k
 system-config-language  noarch     1.1.11-1         installed         137 k
 system-config-lvm       noarch     1.0.13-1.0       installed         2.4 M
 system-config-mouse     noarch     1.2.11-1         installed         200 k
 system-config-network   noarch     1.3.30-2.1       installed         2.1 M
 system-config-network-tui  noarch     1.3.30-2.1       installed         3.8 M
 system-config-rootpassword  noarch     1.1.7-2          installed          86 k
 system-config-rootpassword  noarch     1.1.8-1.1        installed         105 k
 system-config-soundcard  noarch     1.2.16-2         installed         1.4 M
 system-config-users     noarch     1.2.42-1         installed         1.1 M
 up2date                 i386       4.4.23-4.2.1     installed         6.1 M

Transaction Summary

I don't know whether I need those packages or not for a server.

Neither do we.

We don't know what you want to serve, or to whom. I can imagine a server requiring stuff you're trying to remove. I can also imagine a server requiring almost none of the packages above (depending on the skills of the administrator).

How to remove only specific packages without removing all the dependencies using yum? Is that a good idea?

Not really.

Where can I find detail information about the packages for Fedora, especially why one package dependents on the others?
It's probably not documented anywhere useful:-)

If you want a server with an absolute minimum of extraneous software, better look at Gentoo or maybe Debian or Ubuntu.

Gentoo, though, will require more skills of the administrator than you seem to have, and probably the others do too.

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