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Re: Severe problem with Writer files and X

Paul F. Johnson wrote:

I just updated to Rawhide (yesterday evening) and have tried to work
with some OpenOffice.org .DOC files.
Updated from ?
Given the OP stated that he'd just updated to Rawhide, would it not
stand to reason that the OOo update was also from Rawhide?
Maybe it was from FC3 or FC4 or FC5T1 or FC5T2 ?

This is the fun thing about bug hunting. I've filed quite a few bugs on
OOo which the maintainer has not been able to replicate, so the more
information, the better (which is why I've suggested what I have
suggested on the BZ entry)
I did note your queries on bugzilla. I'll wait for Andy's answers about the details of the underlying system and document since it is s/he experiencing the problem, and opening some docs works for at least one other person.

Can another machine open the same problem doc ?

Given it was created on another machine, I'd assume it can.
No such information has come from Andy ?

What version of what application was used to create the document ?

Unless it was Word 6, it shouldn't make any difference. I have assumed
it was Word which created the file.
Was it created on OSX ? windows ? Was it an openoffice 1 creation ?

How big is the document ?

Does it use passwords / locking ?

Are you really up to date ?
# rpm -qa|egrep 'kernel|xorg|openoff'|sort

Given we're 2 days off FC5 full release, if the update was done last
night, then I'd assume the OP is fully up to date.
It might be worth creating a new user and seeing if logging in as such and repeating the opening experience generates the same problem.

Are you opening from your local drive (with which file system) or network (using which protocol) ?


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